Lauren Sackett, Registered Dietician at Pure Living Health & Wellness Hub

I am very passionate about food (in all forms) and healthy living. As eating is something we do every day, it plays such an important role in our health and wellness, be it mental, physical or emotional. With the current fast paced, stress-ridden lifestyles, eating well has its challenges. My approach is to put your health first, in order to be able to get around to those daily commitments you have.

Food is fuel, but also an emotional and joyous aspect of life. But too often we follow fad diets that promise the world, restricting ourselves, following a strict set of external rules of what we can and can’t eat, what is good or bad, and punish ourselves with guilt and further restriction if we step outside those rules. This so often leads to a breakdown in our relationship with food, and eating becomes difficult.

I believe in breaking down these rules and false mindsets that set us up for failure and rather get back to eating intuitively, loving your body, respecting, listening to and nourishing it the way it needs. Following an inside out approach.

I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds. I have experience in digestive disorders, allergies and intolerances, weight management, healthy eating, diseases of lifestyle like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, heart health. I believe every person is an individual and should be treated that way, no two-people’s experience of life or daily nutrition requirements are quite the same. I offer a personalised as well as evidence based approach to lifestyle change, and I am someone to help and support you along the way.

Services offered:

  • Individual and couple consultations
  • Personalised guidelines and eating plans
  • DNA testing through DNAlysis or Geneway
  • Lorisian Food Intolerance testing
  • Discovery Vitality Nutrition Assessments
  • Corporate health talks
  • Article writing

I am registered with the HPCSA as well as the Association of Dietetics in South Africa. I am registered with Discovery Vitality and DNAlysis.

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