Bernadette De Souza, Body Stress Release Practitioner at Pure Living Health & Wellness Hub

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a unique, gentle and non-invasive health profession that originated in SA over 30 years ago. This complementary technique that works in co-operation with other forms of health-care has a supportive role to play and may provide relief from pain and discomfort for those struggling with health challenges, ranging from mild discomfort and vague symptoms to diagnosed conditions.

BSR may enhance quality of life and is suitable for all ages, from the very young to the elderly. Facing daily onslaughts of mental/emotional, mechanical and chemical stress may have a negative impact on our bodies.  This may contribute to symptoms such as neck and back pain, pins & needles, postural distortion, muscle weakness, headaches/migraines, indigestion/heartburn, restless sleep, fatigue, numbness, stiffness, to name but a few.  

With the person lying down fully clothed, the practitioner performs a series of pressure tests using the feet as a bio-feedback monitor – working along the same principle as the knee-jerk reflex test performed by doctors.  Using a light but definite pressure in the indicated direction releases the sites of body stress which may assist to improve and stimulate nerve communication.

We often find that after a BSR session, some clients report back that they ‘had the best sleep ever”, felt an “emotional lightness”, became aware of a “greater mental clarity”, or felt a “surge of enthusiasm for life”.

Initially three sessions are recommended, e.g. day 1, day 4 and day 11. BSR is a health practice that limits itself to its own area of expertise, i.e. locating and releasing of body stress.  It is not involved in diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions, thus not duplicating medical services.

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