Posted on by Kyle Scotten

Which Milk is better Raw or Pasteurised?

Being in the Natural sector, it is a common question to come by but a select few know the difference and the benefits both types of milk contain.

Let’s start off with raw milk shall we. Raw milk is typically defined as the milk “straight from the cow”. Nothing is added to it. You get exactly what you’re paying for. Along with Raw milk though, you have the natural live cultures in the milk still working actively to break down sugars within the milk for digestion. These cultures are beneficial to our everyday health. Otherwise known as Probiotics, One can describe them as your bodies little army. Should one delve further into details, you’ll see you get more than one type too. Each type plays a different role within your body and thrive within different sectors of the digestive tract, from your mouth right through to your large intestinal tract. Probiotics help aid digestion and the breakdown of simple sugars normally found in our general food supply. Furthermore, these cultures assist in the balancing out of all bacteria found in the digestive tract, meaning your immunity and general well-being (including brain, heart and respiratory health).

However, there are some key disadvantages to Raw Milk. Raw milk holds bacteria that are not suitable for ingesting. Escherichia coli (Commonly known as E. coli) generally found in water/liquid substances, can be found in raw milk. This bacterium can cause complications. Good news is it generally only transfers from the cow to the milk when a cow is sick. Most farms do take precaution to this and sick cows are generally isolated.

So, then what is Pasteurised Milk?

Pasteurization is a process that any liquid can undertake. This process the product being treated is placed into a large pot-like container. It is then heated to extreme heats of 200*C for 15-30 seconds.

Within this process all the cultures are then killed. Including any bad bacteria like E. coli. Sounds good, but due to this, the sugars (Like lactose) will no longer be broken down as the probiotics are no longer alive. Sugars like lactose are a leading link to other bacteria found within the body; Candida is among one of the common strains.

Without the necessary cultures, candida has an open door to thrive within body whilst being supplied foods like lactose that are suitable to their growth requirements.

We have left it up to our shopper to make the concise & wise choice in purchasing their milk. A few have found it beneficial to completely remove the dairy from their diet and go vegan/vegetarian with milk alternatives.

I do believe personally, that this is one of the topics that you need to decide for yourself which suits your health requirements best. As the goal is to be healthy and happy.

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