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Healthy French Delicacies

Pain Au Chocolate,14s R210 Panecillo bread, 6s R72 Cheese Tortelloni, 1kg R243
Lrg Chocolate & H/nut croissants, 15s R285 Tortelloni Al Prosciutto, 250g R77
Lrg French butter, croissants, 20s R220 Ciabatta bread, 6s R96 Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, 1kg R255
Sml French butter croissants, 20s R220 Cappelletti, Dried Ham Pasta, 500g R114

Gluten Free

Chocolate muffins, 4s R43 B/root wrap, 23cm R45 Essene bread, 250g  R65
Cherry muffins, 4s R43 Charcoal wrap, 23cm R50 Rice & Goji bread, 250g R55
Vanilla muffins, 4s R43 Zucchini pizza base, 28cm R55 Sorghum bread, 250g R55
Banana muffins, 4s R43 White bread, 250g R50
Chocolate brownie R23 Brown bread, 250g R50
Plain rusks, 250g R61 White Baguette, each R30 Spinach pie, 6s R95
Wraps, 5s R99 Savory vegetable pie, 6s R95


Blueberry muffins, 2s R46 B/root wrap, 23cm R45 White bread, 250g R55
Cherry muffins, 2s R46 Charcoal wrap, 23cm R50 Brown Bread, 250g R55
Chocolate muffins, 2s  R46 Zucchini pizza base, 28cm R55 Seeded bread, 250g R55
Vanilla muffins, 2s R46 Hamburger rolls, 6s R90
Florentine’s, each R40 White Baguette, each R30 Hot dog rolls, 6s R90

Our Best Seller

Catering Rye & Spelt bread, 1.2kg R60

Low Carb (Gluten Free)

Moccha muffins, 2s R44 Cauli wraps, 23cm R60 Coconut bread, 250g R60
Cinnamon muffins, 2s R44 Pumpkin wraps, 23cm R44 Seeded bread, 250g R55
Vanilla muffins, 2s R44 Zucchini wraps, 23cm R60 Almond C/nut bread, 250g R60
Orange Cupcakes, 2s R55 Charcoal wraps, 23cm R47 Tomato & Olive bread, 250g R60
Poppyseed Cupcakes, 2s R55 S/potato wraps, 23cm R44 Courgette Feta bread, 250g R90

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